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The Bitcoin Ecosystem (Paperback)

The Bitcoin Ecosystem By Hk Brar Cover Image
By Hk Brar
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Bitcoin is a powerfully magnificent ecosystem that decouples the concepts of trust and value from the need to have a centralized trusted party to facilitate trust-exchanges and value-exchanges. With Bitcoin, trust can be truly manufactured for the first time in transactions of financial consequence. In many ways, the Bitcoin paradigm is in line with today's marketplace shifts: the shifting of centralized management to self-management in the workplace, the rewiring of markets to bring buyer and seller interactions closer together rather than relying on centralized intermediaries, and the proliferation of platform-based business strategies that use supply-side economies of scale to open up businesses from the inside out (i.e. Uber and AirBnB). Bitcoin is a foundational disruptive technology. It lays the foundations for disruptive innovations in concert with the use of blockchain structures. In many respects, Bitcoin and the rise of all cryptocurrencies in the modern mainstream encourages broader embrace of blockchain-enabled digital transformations to occur across both businesses and industries such as education, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, etc. While Bitcoin was the first widespread use of a blockchain construct in the global domain, there are numerous inherent advantages of blockchain ecosystems. Bitcoin leads the pioneering charge in both the concepts of the Trust Economy and the Internet of Value. It will also be interesting to see the various intersections and junctures between the world of cryptocurrencies within the frame of current digital social experiences. 302 Pages, Full-Color, Gloss Cover, Paperback.
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ISBN: 9781388309985
ISBN-10: 138830998X
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
Pages: 302
Language: English