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Paysage d'Alsace (Paperback)

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"Paysage d'Alsace" is my 40 pages photography zine in which i put some photos that i took during an Holyday in the eastern region of france: Alsace. Why I choose this region? Alsace, with Lorraine, has ever been the fighting heart of europe because of the wars between France and Germany all over the centuries. Since 1871 Alsace was a german country called Reichsland, during the ages Alsace became a mix of French and german cultures, even because of Nazi's occupation. Timbered house, channels, street's name and languages are the common traces of those periods. European spirit I choose this region even because you find Strasbourg. This city is one of the two capitals of European Union, with Brussel, and it's the decisional and political core of europe that host "Europen parliament" and the "Court of Human Rights". There you can really breath what being european citizen truly means and in what ideals of freedom, equality and brotherhood we believe and In which we all recognize ourselves. Why i shoot on film? I make all my phots on an old Pentax p30t and I decided to travel only with film because it stimulate myself to take better picture and also i believe that film can transmit emotion batter than digital can.
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ISBN: 9781389900273
ISBN-10: 1389900274
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: April 27th, 2021
Pages: 42
Language: Italian