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Enhance Your EI in 99 Days: An Introduction to EI Enhancement (Paperback)

Enhance Your EI in 99 Days: An Introduction to EI Enhancement By Mitra Farinezhad Fathi Cover Image
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Emotional Intelligence (EI) enhancement in 99 days. A practical book compiled in 33 chapters on EI, self-management, self-awareness, and healing. Regarding the number of exercises, every chapter will take approximately three days to read and apply. This book is the outcome of my experiences and years of holding EQ workshops, and I hope it will also be beneficial to you, the readers. It will bring you face-to-face with yourself, raise your self-awareness, and help you see and accept yourself. Last but not least, it aims to improve your EI and social intelligence (SI). This is only the first step on the path to change and growth. I have also introduced some of the causes of depression and approaches to a successful life. But, why did I decide on a selection of topics instead of categorized subjects? Our lives are full of events that are often unpredictable. We may deal with challenging issues daily that are seemingly not connected. I have authored this book according to my lifestyle and believe that versatility prevents monotony. To enhance emotional and social intelligence, we must first prepare for change. This book will lay the groundwork for fundamental changes in EI. Guidelines on how to proceed with these changes will be the subject of future volumes in our collection. Every word in the present book must be read carefully and the exercises must be carried out to the point. Remember that I designed these exercises to raise your self-awareness at this point and gain the skills to affect change in the next stages. Therefore, you must not expect to improve your mental health at once by doing these exercises. Recommendations made in this book are the initial steps that must be taken to bring your face-to-face with yourself and prepare you to effect important changes in the next stages. The contents of the book are short and to the point, because I have tried to briefly mention the important practical points and allow the reader to ponder. I based the practical work in this book on writing. Begin by taking out pen and paper. I want you to read and carry out the exercises, thus taking the first step on your inner journey, which will last 99 days. I would like you to become familiar with some of your chaotic inner feelings, or those you are still unaware of, and put them in order. I want you to free your mind from discursive thoughts and classify it.Writing will lighten the mental load. When we put our thoughts and feelings on paper, we can see more clearly and reach a conclusion.You will not fully benefit from this book by simply reading it. You must pause and ponder over every sentence. Carry out the exercises step-by-step and focus on the subjects throughout your 99-day journey. The more passion and persistence you show on this path, the more benefits you will reap. Persistence is the keyword without which nothing is achievable.
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Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 108
Language: English