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法拉盛傳 A Biography of Flushing (Paperback)

法拉盛傳 A Biography of Flushing By 羅慰年 邱&# Qiu Cover Image
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本書作者以發表的各種文本為基礎,法拉盛現代社會經濟、商業、政治和文化等各層面及其關係為框架,較為深入地探討了法拉盛這一移民社會,尤其是蓬勃發展的華人社區。作者採用作、述交叉的動態寫作方式,呈現法拉盛社會的概況,並以美國社會整體面貌為背景,因而對當代移民社會、美國華人發展歷史,尤其是紐約華人社會,以及所涉及的族裔、政治等議題的進一步研究,提供了有啟發的思考和系統整理的資料。 本書是繼《顧雅明傳》《法拉盛故事》之後又一部關於法拉盛歷史、現狀和人物的著作,是了解法拉盛不可或缺的參考資料。 本書的作者羅慰年、邱辛曄是上世紀八、九十年代來美的華裔美國移民,在法拉盛生活多年,並在當地從事教育和文化工作。從2016年起動筆的這本著作,歷時三年完成,約三十萬字。 The Biography of Flushing is a sociological study based on published resources and historical documents. The authors began their work in 2016 and completed the work recently that has 300,000 words in total. The book outlines the history of Flushing, an immigrant town since it was established nearly 400 years ago, and a new immigrant society heavily occupied by new Asian Americans especially Chinese. The book explores all aspects of a highly successful community including economy, commercial, politics and culture. It is an indispensable resource and reference work in Chinese American study as well as history of Flushing in its new century. Mr. Weinian Luo and Mr. Xinye (Paul) Qiu both immigrated from China for about 30 years and are professionals working in educational and cultural institutions in Flushing.
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Publication Date: December 21st, 2021
Pages: 410
Language: English