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Sierra Leone Cultural Diversity and Art (Paperback)

Sierra Leone Cultural Diversity and Art By Edward Simpson Cover Image
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Sierra Leone Cultural Diversity and Art. Travel Guide to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans have a unique blend of cultural traditions. They are vibrant, exuberant and expressive people and their cultural values, traditions and belief systems are widely practised and respected. A variety of food, flamboyant clothing, jewellery, hand-made crafts, lively festivals and the performing arts are expressions of this colourful society. Rituals and ceremonies are performed by different groups at different times, including the 'secret societies.' These 'societies' are hugely secretive and members (men and women have separate societies) obey a strict code of conduct. Religious beliefs and practices are very present in everyday life and there are many fascinating historic sights, monuments and relics to see. Keep your eyes open and you never know what you might come across Around the next corner, there could be a national cultural show where traditional dancers gyrate and revel to the drums and music

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