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Cribbage Discards (Paperback)

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"This book is to cribbage players what scrabble and crossword dictionaries are to word puzzlers - essential." Winning at the game of cribbage - is it skill, or is it luck? In cribbage, the statistical advantage goes to the player who understands and applies sound strategy, and the first opportunity to apply strategy - before any cards are played out - is at the discard. With over 400 pages and over 275,000 discard options analyzed, this book offers a complete list of every possible cribbage hand - 18,395 hands in total - and the mathematically best discard option for each, for both dealer and non-dealer. Spanning the entire range of hands from A-A-A-A-2-2 to Q-Q-K-K-K-K, this book presents every hand in order for ease of look-up. Simply put your six cards in order of card value, from smallest to largest, and flip to the page of the book that shows your hand. Next to each hand, the recommended best discard option for dealer and non-dealer ("pone" in cribbage lingo) is shown. Holding 5-5-6-6-9-9 and unsure which cards to toss to your opponent's crib? Look up this hand (pg. 314, hand #15,651) or any other six-card combination, and quickly discover which two cards represent the best discard. Keep this easy-to-use book next to the crib board to help remove the guesswork and make those tricky in-game choices easier, use the book as a learning tool, or as a fun guide to see how your discarding instincts align with the math. (You may be surprised )
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ISBN: 9781714762309
ISBN-10: 1714762300
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: February 25th, 2021
Pages: 428
Language: English