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Human Intellect: Optimal Tuning and Control: Astonishing Way to Become Smarter (Paperback)

Human Intellect: Optimal Tuning and Control: Astonishing Way to Become Smarter By Yuri Iserlis Cover Image
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It is easily can be proved that the human brain equipped sense organs can work as an universal measuring tool, and measure with sufficient accuracy after some training not only a distance, mass or volume, but and parameters of important personal functions. Unfortunately, this instrument does not have an indicator device (panel) and results of measurements usually hidden in the depth of subconscious part of mind. To extract these results of measurements, at first, is needed to find an access code for this information, secondly, to deduce this information in a convenient for perception form, and after that to decipher it. Based on this approach a new method of direct measurement of intellectual parameters was used for appraisal such characteristics of intellect and mind as creativity, intuition, willpower, stress level, vital energy index, etc. Verification of the accuracy of measurement of some bio-physical parameters measured by the same method (for example number of thrombocytes in the blood) is carried out by comparison with laboratory blood tests. Research and physical measurements of a person's intellectual abilities have shown that they can change significantly from the influence of many external factors and, first of all, of light, electromagnetic and sound perceptions of the senses, both for the better and for the worse. This allows significantly increasing the capabilities and expanding the range of use of any entrainment technology. Using algorithms of multi-parameter optimization, the method allows increasing the level of intellect and its components in several times practically for everyone. Measurement of willpower and stress opens the prospect for many people to maintain their health and activity at the proper level throughout life. In the book are collected also some rules and methods allowing to support intellectual abilities of the mind on an optimum level by means of mindset management, control of the subconscious mind, cognitive control, and control emotions. Method of measurement of intellectual abilities and compatibility of team members can be used in process of the hiring, searching a bride, etc.
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ISBN: 9781728363417
ISBN-10: 1728363411
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 306
Language: English