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Kitty And Kat - Pet Peeves (Hardcover)

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The story opens on a sad, nostalgic note about Story Hill, a place where children have to go to hear a good story because their parents have stopped telling them. What story is about to be told at this special place by a guardian creature called PurrAnimal? He is protective and loving toward the children who gather here. This time, PurrAnimal decides to read "Pet Peeves", and this is how the story begins. Kitty and Kat meet Ant and Flea, and they band together with other animals to try to find Peeves, an unusual looking two headed pet that was lost by Aunt Chovie. Get it? Anchovy. Who likes jumping on pizzas all day.

The tree that is the center of the story is a special place for the animals to live, with different animals like birds and squirrels living on their own branch and playing their own roles and responsibilities. This promotes the idea of living and working together in harmony, and about one tree supporting all ever-expanding life forms. If you've ever wondered about the secret animal life that goes on in a tree, this story will shed some interesting, comical light on the subject. The real journey begins when Kitty, Kat, Ant and Flea meet Ant's best friend who lives on a branch between area 50 and area 52.

Pet Peeves is a charming, heartwarming story children and parents alike will enjoy and is one to stir the imagination. If you can picture a herd of 12,000 anchovies running at you over a hillside, you will love this book.

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ISBN: 9781735138640
ISBN-10: 1735138649
Publication Date: July 16th, 2020
Pages: 44
Language: English