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Blood on My Hands: Events Based On True Story (Paperback)

Blood on My Hands: Events Based On True Story By Patrick Brinson Cover Image
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This is an urban inspiration based on a chain of true events which pertains to the author Patrick Brinson. The story has been slightly revised and altered to protect him from any future violations. He has recreated his character as a young man from the urban society named Piatro Carter which happens to be a known stick up kid. Pietro wasn't quite the norm of most jackers that you hear of because of his Robin Hood like character. Unlike most hood robbers, he wasn't doing it for the fast life or the fame; at least not anymore ever since he did his bid in a maximum security prison. Well known and respected, most people came to him for advice on any lick because of his precise tactics. Out of 10 or 15 licks, he was only charged with 6, got acquitted of 5, and barely convicted of 1 by the technicalities of a snitching accomplice. Definitely, he was the one to talk to when talking about getting that lick money. He would get money on the regular just by aiding the success of someone else's mission. Although this would all change for him when his eyes become open due to the tragedy of what his guidance caused. His life will never be the same after witnessing the horror that he feels he's at fault for. Struggling to live with the blood on his hands, he tries to find peace by reversing his guidance in the hood. He uses the same money that he's been saving from prior licks and instead of putting it back in the game decides to invest it back into the betterment of the community. Cascading threw a maze of evolving obstacles Pietro finds the better part of him while trying to spark a glimpse of his reflection in love as well.
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ISBN: 9798653917691
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 68
Language: English