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Dig For Treasures: Part 1 - One Day at a Time (Paperback)

Dig For Treasures: Part 1 - One Day at a Time By Imuetinyan Igbinnosa Cover Image
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This Annual Study Guide (ASG) is the curricula for Christian academic Centers for Learning and Thought (CLT). As the Lord has directed, everyone who passes through this academy is to be ordained as representatives of Christ the Lord in the land. During each Annual Academic Cycle (AAC), the Scholars for Learning and Thought (SLT) that are spiritual houses been built for the Lord are to be empowered with talents and products for trade. So every SLT turned ordained Representative of Christ (ROC) is equipped with all things that pertain to spiritual godliness and physical life. A field full of treasures, discover in Parts 1 and 2, the Origin of God, Purpose for creation, Arrival of rebellion, Big Man of the universe, His holy ways, Submitting to God, Why God contends, House God wants, Christian race to the top, Path to glory, The One true God, and the Depth of His love. A house carefully built for God in heaven, this Wilderness Tabernacle essentially points everyone to the holy ways and deep love of Christ the Original like and from the Everlasting Father. It is to be used like Scripture. Miners drill for gold, Journalists search for news, Scholars study for learning, and Farmers sow for bumper harvest: So everyone who digs this field for treasures, and helps the Lord teach others these curricula will receive greater eternal glory when Christ the Lord returns soon. Amen.
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ISBN: 9798668123384
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 212
Language: English