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Knot tying for beginners: An essential knot tying guide for dummies, beginners and newbies (Paperback)

Knot tying for beginners: An essential knot tying guide for dummies, beginners and newbies By Alienor June Cover Image
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Knot tying consists of techniques and skills used to tie a knot with rope, nylon mesh, or other objects. Skills involved in tying a knot can either make it an attractive knot or a messy knot, and sometimes the difference between life and death.It is important to understand the subtle differences between what works and what does not.Knots can be used in rope climbing and other rope related sports or perhaps you might need knot tying skills in case of emergencies.New to knot tying or you want to boost your knot tying skills for your next camping? Look no further, this quick guide is all you need.With careful illustrations, the author breaks down complex knots into simple and easy steps.With 20 essential knots and hitches, this manual is all you need to boost your knowledge of knot tying.What will you learn in this book?In this book, you will learn the following;What is a knot?What is knot tying?Basic Knot terms.You will also learn how to tie easy knots like;Square KnotClove HitchThe BowlineFigure EightThe Sheet BendTwo Half HitchesTaut Line HitchFisherman's KnotWater KnotRolling HitchPrusik KnotTimber HitchBlood KnotMain HarnessCarrick BendTrucker's HitchBarrel HitchSheepshankTripod LashingSquare LashingYou will also learn safety measures for knot tying and how to take care of your rope.Take advantage of this opportunity to become a master at knot tying.To start your knot tying journey, the first step you have to take is to get this quick guideSCROLL UP to order your COPY and tap the BUY NOW button.
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ISBN: 9798668571901
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2020
Pages: 60
Language: English